"I really appreciate you taking the extra time to answer all my questions and helping me to understand the science behind the plugs and also hearing loss prevention. My hearing is one of the most important things to me as a musician. Thank you for helping to save and improve my hearing. I will continue to recommend your great work in the future."

Christian Moehring  Composer / Teacher / Drummer (Anabiosis, Wormhole Superette)


"Thanks for your excellent service, the fitting session was enjoyable as well as educational and I sure do appreciate that."

Dennis Jefferson  Motorcyclist / Computer Scientist

Musicians Earplugs

"They are wonderful. I can hear everything through the full range of pitches and timbres but it is all pleasantly quieter."

David Wolfsohn  Pianist


"I am 100% satisfied with the plugs. They're really great and have made a huge improvement to rehearsals and performances. I've used hearing protection for a number of years, so the only thing I had to get used to was putting them into my ears properly. It was more difficult than the store-bought brands at first, but simple enough once I got the hang of them. The noise protection is noticeably better than the store-bought plugs; cuts a lot of the high and low end for a nice, clear sound. Thanks again for all of your help and advice."

Rob DeCarolis  Drummer (Hurry)

In Ear Monitors

"When I used in ear monitors the first time I noticed a big improvement in clarity. I could hear the vocal harmonies where before they were sort of lost in the wash. I felt like they helped improve our timing too. Playing with stage wedges it seems like a lot of times I'm inferring where people are at based on the bits of each instrument I can catch. There were definitely a couple points where I was thinking 'Was I playing this section poorly before and didn't realize it?'"

Greg Kamprath  Vocalist / Guitar / Songwriter (The Capitalist Youth)